Adriana Lukas on Heterarchy

adriana-lukasAdriana Lukas, aka @adriana872, is an old friend, fellow blogger and longtime advocate of personal autonomy and independence in the open marketplace, which is one reason why we she has also been involved with ProjectVRM from the beginning.

In recent years she has also been researching heterarchy, a subject of this talk she gave in 2012, and a conversation I recorded and had intended to put up as a podcast a year later, then a year after that and a year after that…

In fact there are many other interviews in my backlog, but this is the one I had the least trouble finishing. Getting it posted, finally, will, I hope, help open the logjam of others behind it.

My theme music, by the way, is Cruisin’ Deuces by the great (and sadly late) Danny Gatton. Huge and belated re-thanks to @Tucows (w/ @hover and @ting) for clearing rights for me on that one.

Here goes:


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