In the Beginning: my first podcast, from 2005

990_largeSo this is my actual first podcast, recorded in two experimental sessions, now stitched together*, that were recorded in June and July 2005. Both star The Kid, who was then nine years old. He is twice that age now, a senior in high school, with an adult body, voice and mind. In a very meta way, we also recorded about two hours of him helping me re-figure out how to do all this, while I also took notes on my Liveblog.

That recording may become a future podcast, but my plan now is to go straight into my backlog of interviews. The first of those will be with Stephen Lewis of I promised Steve I’d put that one up not long after I recorded it in October 2013. I carry no guilt in my life that hangs over me more than not having posted that interview yet. I’m not kidding. I screwed that one up, and I want to unscrew it.

One thing that discouraged me from blogging, at least in the 2005-2013 time frame, was not having cleared rights to the theme music I wanted to use:Cruisin’ Deuces, by Danny Gatton. My friends at Tucows, parent of Ting and Hover, which were to be my sponsors for the podcast, did the hard work of clearing — and paying — for the rights to that music. Later I’ll devote a whole podcast to Danny and that tune. Meanwhile, we have a start.

* There are two gaps of dead air where in the podcast, which I’ll fix later. Meanwhile, don’t assume it’s ended if you hear quiet.