Adriana Lukas on Heterarchy

adriana-lukasAdriana Lukas, aka @adriana872, is an old friend, fellow blogger and longtime advocate of personal autonomy and independence in the open marketplace, which is one reason why we she has also been involved with ProjectVRM from the beginning.

In recent years she has also been researching heterarchy, a subject of this talk she gave in 2012, and a conversation I recorded and had intended to put up as a podcast a year later, then a year after that and a year after that…

In fact there are many other interviews in my backlog, but this is the one I had the least trouble finishing. Getting it posted, finally, will, I hope, help open the logjam of others behind it.

My theme music, by the way, is Cruisin’ Deuces by the great (and sadly late) Danny Gatton. Huge and belated re-thanks to @Tucows (w/ @hover and @ting) for clearing rights for me on that one.

Here goes:


In the Beginning: my first podcast, from 2005

990_largeSo this is my actual first podcast, recorded in two experimental sessions, now stitched together*, that were recorded in June and July 2005. Both star The Kid, who was then nine years old. He is twice that age now, a senior in high school, with an adult body, voice and mind. In a very meta way, we also recorded about two hours of him helping me re-figure out how to do all this, while I also took notes on my Liveblog.

That recording may become a future podcast, but my plan now is to go straight into my backlog of interviews. The first of those will be with Stephen Lewis of I promised Steve I’d put that one up not long after I recorded it in October 2013. I carry no guilt in my life that hangs over me more than not having posted that interview yet. I’m not kidding. I screwed that one up, and I want to unscrew it.

One thing that discouraged me from blogging, at least in the 2005-2013 time frame, was not having cleared rights to the theme music I wanted to use:Cruisin’ Deuces, by Danny Gatton. My friends at Tucows, parent of Ting and Hover, which were to be my sponsors for the podcast, did the hard work of clearing — and paying — for the rights to that music. Later I’ll devote a whole podcast to Danny and that tune. Meanwhile, we have a start.

* There are two gaps of dead air where in the podcast, which I’ll fix later. Meanwhile, don’t assume it’s ended if you hear quiet.